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Most Nazi symbols, signs and words have long been banned in Germany and other European countries. However, the Nazi scene has been bypassing bans for just as long – with its own codes and abbreviations. The banned word "HAKENKREUZ" (Swastika) became "HKNKRZ", "HITLER" became "HTLR" and "VATERLAND" (Fatherland), "VTRLND”.

A big problem! These codes, printed on t-shirts and other merchandise, are the main source of income for right-wing organisations – and a way to spread their racist beliefs.

rightsagainsttheright.com has already shown that we can successfully prevent the spread of right-wing codes by registering them as a trademark. Now we are going one step further: Laut gegen Nazis e.V., Zalando, Spread Group, ABOUT YOU, Avocadostore, BAUR, bevh, bonprix, Fast Forward, Underpressure and Vinted have taken action. "Fashion against Fascism“ is the biggest online databank for Nazi codes - or rather against them. It is designed to help all companies ensure and check that Nazi codes are not unknowingly sold via their shops.

The cornerstone is a carefully curated list of over 200 codes which will be constantly expanded and updated thanks to the participation of users and companies. An ex-Nazi and other experts of the scene ensure that the databank accurately and effectively exposes right-wing extremist messages.




Many Nazi codes are based on genuine insider knowledge, and are offered in shops without the shop owners being aware of their meaning or significance.

Our search function facilitates the search of hidden codes. Register your online shop with Fascism against Fascism now and activate the exclusive function.


Who is Laut gegen Nazis?

Laut gegen Nazis e.V. is a non-profit organisation that campaigns against far-right hatred, hate speech and the unhindered dissemination of Nazi and anti-Semitic ideas. This includes Nazi codes in particular.

What are Nazi codes?

Nazi codes are coded hate messages and identification symbols for supporters of right-wing extremist ideas. The codes and abbreviations printed on clothing usually contain forbidden terms, which, due to abbreviations and modifications, are only recognised by insiders - till now.

Why can’t certain abbreviations be protected?

Trademark law prohibits, among other things, the registration of numbers. For example, the famous abbreviation 88 (HH - Heil Hitler) can be used literally. The Trademark Office wants to protect the public but this way only ensures that the sale of right-wing extremist merchandise continues unhindered, financing the right-wing scene.

How to support?

Join the alliance as a brand, retailer or platform and help stop the spread of right-wing ideas once and for all. Laut gegen Nazis and its initiatives, like Fashion against Fascism, are funded through donations to the NGO - which are always welcome!

What is the aim of the initiative?

To stop the spread of right-wing abbreviations and codes and thus the financing of the right-wing scene. Where the law and trademark law reach their limits, platforms and fashion brands can now take action themselves and prevent the spread of Nazi codes on their platforms.

How is the list maintained?

A dedicated team is currently working with experts of the scene to filter and update the databank. However, an automated process is conceivable in the future.

Are there any risks?

Brands that want to check themselves for the distribution of right-wing merch can do so voluntarily. This will be done confidentially - the results will not be made public.

What is Fashion Against Fascism?

Fashion against Fascism starts where even trademark law is powerless. An open alliance of the largest German fashion and e-commerce platforms that collects inhumane abbreviations in the largest databank of Nazi codes and ensures that they are no longer disseminated unknowingly.

Why doesn't the law do something about this?

By modifying banned terms, the ban no longer applies. For example, a shirt that says "I ♥ HITLER" is banned, but "I ♥ HTLR" is not. Banning these abbreviations is a long process, and certainly slower than the Nazis, who come up with new abbreviations very quickly.

What is Rights against the Right?

Recht gegen Rechts is a campaign launched by Laut gegen Nazis together with Jung von Matt. It uses trademark law to secure the rights to Nazi codes and abbreviations. In this way, Nazis can be prevented from using their own codes. And if they do, it gets expensive. Unfortunately, even trademark law sometimes has its limits.

Why are e-commerce platforms so important to Nazis?

Because they can easily design and produce shirts and sell them at a profit. E-commerce platforms have become the main distribution channel for the far-right scene, which uses them not only to spread inhumane messages, but also to fund its political campaigns. It is time to change this.

How does the DATABANK work?

The databank collects Nazi codes  and their meanings, making them freely available as a list and API for brands. This allows codes to be registered as banned terms on platforms, preventing Nazi merchandise from being sold.

We have also developed a web crawler that can analyse existing websites for Nazi abbreviations. This allows shop owners to easily find out if their site is inadvertently selling Nazi codes with just a few clicks.

Why work with us?

Since its inception, Laut gegen Nazis e.V. has been fighting against the spread of right-wing hate and hate speech. The organisation's mission is to educate people about Nazi codes and to stop them. That’s why LGN keeps collecting and updating these codes in the form of a databank.

What to do if you find Nazi code on your site?

The first thing you should do is check the context of the code and consider how likely it is that Nazis are abusing your company. The product should then either be removed from circulation or a warning should be issued to customers. In the long term, a button could be integrated on the page to report Nazi codes. In addition, a person in the company could be assigned to deal with the issue.

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